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GreenPocket is setting new standards with its highly flexible and modular technology. As multi-compatible, open software, the GreenPocket Solution – has been designed right from the start for secure processing of large amounts of data – irrespective of metering technology and transmission links.

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Flexibility + Independence. Scalability + Performance

  • Data acquisition: The GreenPocket Solution processes all relevant data formats, such as MSCONS, UTILMD, LPEX, CSV, XML, etc. To this end, the Energy Expert Engine is supported by ETL middleware (data collector). The data collector is compatible with all EDM/ MDM and ERP systems. The acquisition of energy usage, meter readings, load cycles, tariffs, contracts and master data is straightforward.
  • Data warehouse: The data collector is linked to an efficient database structure (data warehouse) via a defined high performance API. This is where the acquired data is stored in form of an optimized and failsafe database. The database-independent data warehouse has been designed right from the start for a large-scale smart meter rollout with extremely large volumes of data (see graphic).

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  • Data analysis: As the centerpiece of the GreenPocket Solution, the Energy Expert Engine relies on the database of the data warehouse. High performance communication and excellent scalability is realized through the use of JEE technology stacks. In addition, the solution can be expanded at any time by adding modular functions.
  • Data output: On the energy consumer side, data is visualized via various software applications. These highly dynamic Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are based on leading technologies like AJAX and Flex. The output can be optically adapted to the utility’s corporate identity through flexible customization. Third party applications, such as the customer portal of the relevant utility, can be integrated in the GreenPocket Solution via a defined front end API.

Multi-client capability

The multi-client capability is a special feature of the GreenPocket Solution. The solution can be used jointly by several utilities in order to reduce setup and operating costs. In this case, data is stored and configured separately for each utility involved. Each utility selects their preferred applications for subsequent visualization.

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