Complex Datasets. Detailed Interpretation

The Energy Expert Engine (EEE) is the optimal answer to digital datasets that accompany smart metering.

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Digital energy consumption data is initially prepared in the EEE. Additional data, such as environmental indicators, are subsequently included in the calculations. Datasets are linked and interpreted in line with the requirements of energy consumers on the basis of algorithms and heuristics. The now ‘intelligent’ data serves as a basis for forecast, alert and control functions. For energy consumers, this creates valuable detailed information on their personal energy requirements..

The Energy Expert Engine adds intelligence to the dataset. Algorithms and heuristics form the basis of all analysis and control functions provided by the GreenPocket Solution.

The Energy Expert Engine has been designed with an intelligent plugin system of cartridges. These enable utility companies to expand functions flexibly and in modular fashion.

Tariff cartridges

A variety of tariff logic is included in the calculation by the EEE via the tariff cartridges. This allows utilities to use the GreenPocket solution for their entire customer base, irrespective of different tariffs. In addition, rates pricing forms the basis for time-related tariffs, whereby energy consumers can switch between tariffs either automatically or manually.

As part of the GreenPocket solution, the Energy Expert Engine facilitates flexible and easy integration in the utility company’s own systems. (see Integration).

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