Energy management tool for business customers

A hierarchically organized dashboard enables managers to quickly and easily record the total energy consumption of their company, compare the energy consumption of individual branch offices or locations, as well as implement effective energy savings measures and achieve energy targets.

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With the energy management tool, energy saving in enterprises is not a ‘science per se’ but a top management issue. Without taking up a great deal of time or resources.

Analyze energy consumption data. Identify saving potentials

The GreenPocket energy management tool enables businesses to analyze their energy consumption in an easy and detailed way. It gives a full overview of consumption, costs and CO2 emission and identifies energy saving potentials. Data can be displayed in absolute values as well as energy performance indicators.

Create cluster. Compare different branches

Thanks to multi-level benchmarking, managers can compare different branches and facilities as well as equipment clusters with one other. It is irrelevant, whether a company operates regionally or on a nationwide scale. In addition, the current energy consumption can be displayed in contrast to the previous period’s data.

Visualize energy production. Generate profits

By including photovoltaic systems into the energy management tool, businesses can not only visualize their total energy consumption and electricity procurement. They can also analyze how much of the self-produced energy is used up by themselves and how much is fed into the grid. Also, the functionality of pv-systems can be controlled easily and without additional costs.

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Receive alarms. Respond quickly

Managers can receive notifications via e-mail whenever pre-determined thresholds regarding performance data, consumption or costs are exceeded or undercut. This makes it easy to react to structural problems as well as damaged machines. Excessive invoices at the end of the month can be avoided.

Define hierarchies. Assign viewing rights

Due to individually definable viewing rights each user gets to see exactly what is important to him. The branch office manager gains a detailed insight into the energy consumption of his branch while the energy manager is able to compare different subsidiaries.

Manage customers and data. The easy way

The flexible set-up function and the customer data import module simplify the set-up of accounts and management of existing customers. Costs and effort are significantly reduced while the improved manageability of the portal facilitates the set-up of organizational structures and the management of access rights.

Identify peak loads. And optimize them

Companies whose electricity consumption is calculated based on load-variable tariffs can identify peak loads and associated costs more easily. They benefit from more accurate budget control and increased planning security for optimization measures.

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The new export tool. For your specific data analysis needs

The improved export manager enables the export of energy consumption data – in 15 or 60 minute intervals – and customer data, providing the raw information for company-specific data analyses.

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